Does your company have the people and processes in place to foster a corporate culture that values learning, growth, and communication? Executive Velocity provides a variety of services to help your company reach its goals. Each client is unique and we chart a course of action that meets the needs of the individual and the organization. We customize your action plan with targeted programs to address the challenges you are facing.

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    To succeed today and excel into the future with confidence and assurance, companies need strong leaders and a deep pool of talent.

    Executive Velocity helps organizations strategically develop and align human capital with their unique visions, missions, and needs. Through comprehensive consulting services, organizations and their leaders learn how to engage employees across all levels and build cohesive teams that consistently perform at a high level.

    Executive Velocity offers consulting services focused in the following areas (click on a service to see more):

    How does your talent management system rate against your competitors? Are you at risk of losing talent because your system is outdated and ineffective?

    As emerging businesses experience success and growth, it is easy to neglect or even forget talent management. The focus is on serving client/customer needs, and on seizing the opportunities for continued expansion and opportunity. However a structured approach to talent management will enable organizations to continue their growth while positioning themselves for a profitable, productive, and engaged future.

    Recruiting is only part of the equation: the ability to retain and develop talent is critical in meeting long-term demands of business. Executive Velocity equips leaders with the tools they need to attract, engage, and retain top employees, develop the skills of their people, align talent with strategic objectives, and create sustainable change.

    What are you losing in productivity and profit because your employees aren’t engaged? What can managers be doing to increase employee engagement?

    Engaged employees come to work, and work hard, for reasons beyond their paycheck. They are invested in the organization and its direction, and they make the choice – everyday – to do their best work. Managers and direct supervisors have great influence on engagement levels. Executive Velocity helps organizations measure and analyze engagement and develop tools to communicate expectations, recognize employee contributions, and create safe and collaborative environments in which ideas, innovation, and productivity can flourish.

    How do you insure your team is functioning effectively to achieve success?

    The key to increased productivity, profitability, and engagement is an effective and cohesive team. Fewer people can accomplish more when they are motivated, trained, and supported by their leaders and organizations. A successful team works together productively, supports each other and maximizes their collective talents to ensure a high-quality product in an efficient, timely manner. Executive Velocity starts the team building process with a thorough analysis of the team objectives. Individual assessments, role analysis, and facilitated team-building sessions enabling teams and each of their members to accomplish strategic goals and adapt to meet the changing needs of growing organizations.

    What is your plan to insure you have the right workforce that can execute your strategy and deliver your vision 3-5 years from now?

    Strategic workplace planning focuses on ensuring that your company has the right people with the right skills in place in order to achieve corporate goals and objectives. Executive Velocity begins with a thorough analysis of the current state and desired direction, determining strengths and weak points that can impact an organization’s ability to grow and thrive. A detailed strategic plan is developed to better recruit, retain, and develop high-potential employees and leaders. An investment in the quality of employees through education, training and improved benefits can increase productivity and ensure an organization is setup for success in the future.

  • Where are your future leaders and how are you preparing them for great leadership? Are your current leaders all performing to their full potential?

    Great leaders are not born; they are made. They learn, grow, and develop to meet the requirements of their roles, and then they excel beyond to lead with innovation, integrity, and enthusiasm.

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    Coaching is a tool by which companies can accelerate the learning process and prepare high-potential executives and managers for the rigors of leadership and for the possibilities that exist in the future. The long-term survival of any company is in the hands of its developing leaders.

    A current or future leader will benefit from Executive Velocity’s customized, targeted approach. Objective evaluation and assessment with recognized tools, such as Myers-Briggs, enables the coach to develop an individualized course of action, designed to help both the individual and the organization, reach its goals. Throughout the coaching process, the emphasis is on improving essential skills, providing constructive feedback, identifying and overcoming weaknesses, and emphasizing and capitalizing on strengths.

    Whether an executive is struggling, stagnating, or needs discipline or support in order to climb higher, Executive Velocity provides a framework for growth and success. Executive coaching delivers both quantitative and qualitative benefits for the individual and organization, including:

    • Increased productivity and profitability
    • Higher levels of engagement across the organization
    • Improved workplace and client relations
    • Better decision-making processes
    • Greater confidence and assertiveness

    Most significantly, it enables future leaders to acquire the skills and mindset they need to adapt to a continually changing business environment. 

  • Looking for a speaker for your next meeting or retreat that will bring new ideas and techniques to your audience?

    A great speech can energize a crowd; a great speaker can generate a connection with individual audience members that inspire them to transform that energy into action.

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    Beth is an experienced and charismatic speaker, recognized for her ability to engage audiences. Contact Beth to inquire about her speaking availability.

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    One of Beth Miller’s numerous strengths as a consultant, coach, and Vistage Chair is that she is able to relate to executives from diverse industries and backgrounds. She connects as readily and enthusiastically with audiences of several hundred as she does with audiences of one and always exudes the same commitment to help others get real and measurable results.

    With a career that spans over 30 years, Beth has a wealth of knowledge and experiences on which to draw. Peppered with real-world anecdotes, best practices, and lessons learned, Beth’s addresses have hit their mark with audiences including Women in Technology, Kennesaw State University, Vistage, Matrix Resources, Institute of Managerial Accountants (IMA), CIO Executive Council, Healthcare Businesswomen's Association, and SHRM-Atlanta. Talent management, employee engagement, leadership branding, and other relevant, timely topics ensure participants are able to apply lessons learned directly to their work and immediately begin to affect positive change.

    As at ease in keynote roles as she is with webinars and workshops, Beth’s anticipated talks leave audiences with a roadmap for implementing key strategies and courses of action in their own organizations. 

    For more information on Beth’s speaking services click here.

  • Do you have a clear picture of you and your organization's strengths and talents? What about your challenges and weaknesses? Without a comprehensive understanding of these factors it is impossible to achieve significant and measurable growth.

    Assessments are the most effective way to identify key needs of individuals or your organization as a whole – for leadership/management, teams and staff. For assessments to be effective, they should be research-based, validated, and time tested.Assessments are used to understand employee traits, skills, and personality that can impact behaviors for individual, team and organizational performance.

    Assessment Tools

    For more information on assessment tools please click the links below.

    The most common areas assessments are used for are:

    • Assessing Job Candidates
    • Developing Leadership and Staff
    • Increasing Team Effectiveness

    Other targeted areas assessments are used for include:

    • Developing personal self-awareness
    • Communication effectiveness
    • Decision making
    • Innovation and Creativity
    • Customer/selling strategies
    • Conflict resolution and problem solving
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