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How can organizations build a culture of high-performance, engagement, and accountability? How can they identify, recruit, develop, and retain the talent needed to accelerate growth? How can they develop leaders who will inspire and motivate?

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A full-service leadership development and talent management firm, Executive Velocity is committed to helping companies answer these questions using their most valuable asset: their people.

Developing talent and leadership capabilities is key to meeting the demands of the 21st century and to creating a culture of achievement, engagement, and accountability. Executive Velocity provides a full suite of services and solutions designed to help growing and mid-size organizations reach their goals and become sustainable, influential forces in the business world. Executive Velocity’s mission is to prepare business leaders for the challenges of today and tomorrow, providing the tools and skills to develop sustainable leadership success. 

Executive Velocity’s vision is to work with organizations that value:

  • The potential of their employees,
  • The development of their leaders and future leaders, and
  • The culture of employee engagement

Clients from IBM, NPI Financial, and Georgia Health Science to Open Arms Care, A1 Quick Delivery, and McKesson have relied on Executive Velocity for:

Executive Velocity customizes each strategy and develops focused programs around the unique needs and goals of individual clients. Their approach incorporates proven assessments, such as Myers-Briggs, Hogan Assessments, and Business DNA.

The team’s collective experience in executive-level consulting ensures clients have access to an unparalleled depth of knowledge and expertise. Through effective talent management, leadership development, and employee engagement, Executive Velocity can help organizations become progressive and innovative businesses. 

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