Types of Assessments

There are several typical types of assessments used in the workplace which include:

Personality – Personality assessments typically measure traits related to behavior at work, interpersonal interactions, and satisfaction with different aspects of work.

Emotional Intelligence – Emotional intelligence (EQ) is a set of acquired skills and competencies that predict positive outcomes personally and professionally. EQ includes competencies covering the ability to accurately perceive emotions in one-self and others, use emotions to facilitate thinking, understand emotional meanings, and manage emotions.

Cognitive Ability – Cognitive ability tests typically use questions or problems to measure ability to learn quickly, logic, reasoning, reading comprehension and other enduring mental abilities that are fundamental to success in many different jobs.

Thinking Styles – Thinking style assessments assist in the understanding of individual styles and preferences to situational circumstances, including conflict resolution, problem solving, communication, creativity, decision making, and learning styles and more.

360-Degree or Multi-rater Feedback – an employee’s performance is assessed and feedback is recorded from a number of people that may include Managers, Subordinates, Peers and even customers.  The assessment is anonymous and the feedback takes the form of rating against certain core competencies.

Employee Engagement Surveys – Employee engagement surveys allow business to measure employees’ involvement, emotional attachment, commitment and productivity. All four factors combine to drive employee engagement, which can improve employee retention, productivity and customer service.

Not all assessments are created equal. It is critical to know how to use each type of assessment.

Assessment Type Hiring Coaching & Development Organization
Emotional Intelligence
Thinking Styles
360-Degree or Multi-rater
Employee Engagement
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