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I wanted my team to better understand each other’s strengths and struggles so Beth facilitated an interactive session with my executive team to define our leadership competencies for a 360 assessment. She later provided feedback to team members on their results so they understood how they could use their results to further develop as leaders. If you have a similar need, I would recommend engaging her.

– Ben Bard, Regional Director at The Beck Group

I would highly recommend any executive to engage with Beth and experience the immediate return on investment and measurable success. I have engaged in Executive Coaching over the past year and have found Beth to be a great coach, connector, and adviser. Beth and I meet once a month to review my goals, develop winning strategies, and determine the next benchmarks on my executive journey. Beth has coached me through some difficult situations and has empowered me to be the best possible leader taking full accountability for the long term profitability of 1Source International while still focusing on a strong team culture. I am thankful to my CEO for connecting me with Beth and further investing in me through Executive Coaching.

– Kathleen Thompson, President, 1Source International

Beth has presented 2 informative webinars for HR.com – Building your Leadership Brand and From Potential to Talent: How to Develop a High Performing Workforce. Her presentations were meticulously put together and well received by the HR.com audience. Beth is very professional and pleasant to deal with.

During these 1 hour webinars Beth was able to cover evaluations of individual goals, introduce the audience to the first steps in developing a plant to build a unique Leadership brand within their own companies as well as to show the roadblocks that keep leaders from developing employees and the benefits of employee engagement.

Beth is an accomplished author, speaker and solution provider. I would recommend Beth Armknecht Miller and Executive Velocity to any corporation that wants help in managing their “talent” and in developing their not only their existing, but their future Leaders.

– Julie Ogilvie, IHR Facilitator, HR.com

Beth Miller’s expert coaching and assessment services provided us with a clear pathway and approach to more effectively lead our teams within our organization. She also offered individual coaching that contributed to a more productive working relationship with my business partner. She took the time to understand our business and its dynamics to deliver guidance that is both relevant and actionable. I would highly recommend her services to companies seeking professional, experienced coaching services to optimize team performance and improve personal leadership skills.

– Mark McCurry, CEO, A-1 Express Delivery Service, Inc

Beth was introduced to our company during a time of significant change and growth. Initially, we asked Beth to assist in the leadership development of our middle management team as we knew the effectiveness of this group was critical to the future success of our company.

During this time, our efforts were also focused on becoming an employer of choice within the marketplace in order to attract and retain top talent as we grew. As a trusted advisor to the executive team, Beth worked in conjunction with operations and human resources to identify areas of needed development for specific managers and she successfully facilitated several high-level strategic planning sessions. Additionally, she worked effectively to develop enhanced team communications using team building techniques and she was instrumental in significantly raising our Best Places to Work scores.

During her engagement with us, she also advised us on identifying our core skill sets and integrating them into a new performance management system. I am certain we will retain Beth for future projects.

– Bill Bucher, EVP & CFO, Axium Healthcare Pharmacy, Inc

We engaged Beth during a time that our board of directors believed the leadership team was struggling with its communications and decision making process.

Beth interviewed each leadership team member as well as observed management meetings. Her observations provided a better understanding to the board of the communication and personality dynamics taking place on the leadership team. This led to a team building session using Myers Briggs as the backbone to the exercises with both the board and leadership team.

Beth’s work with the team built better communications amongst the leadership and more confidence from board members.

– Robert J Taylor IV, Founder and President, Taylor Consulting Group

Beth is not afraid to ask the tough questions and hold me accountable to my goals and results. She asks probing questions that allow me to look into our company from angles that would otherwise go unvisited. There is no doubt that having Beth as a coach and a mentor have improved my leadership skills and our company’s performance.

– Scott Marshall, Principal and Vice President of Sales, CWC

Beth Miller has provided me with a tremendous amount of productive questions and ideas in the time I’ve worked with her. In particular, she helps me to stay focused on my most important goals, holds me accountable to them, and helps me work through important business issues as they arise. I am a better CEO, leader and manager because of working with Beth.

– Clay Gilbert, President, Thornton Brothers Inc.

Beth Miller’s coaching, as part of the “Leading for Results” leadership training program, provided me with tangible and actionable ways I could develop as a leader within my organization. The insights and coaching she delivered throughout the sessions enabled me to have personalized direction and mentoring in conjunction with the benefits of a webinar training format. I found the process rewarding and beneficial and would engage her as a coach in the future.

– Brian Cregan, Territory Vice President, McKesson Provider Technologies

When I asked Beth to assist my team, we had taken the Myers Briggs assessments and yet I hadn’t observed much change amongst team members. Ineffective communications persisted within the office. Beth’s ability to distill the differences of people’s preferences and their potential implications for interpersonal communications provided a catalyst for change moving forward.

I would recommend that if you have had your team take the Myers Briggs but you haven’t had a professional like Beth create a full awareness of the differences, you might be missing out on an opportunity to take full advantage of the assessment and increase your team’s effectiveness.

– Raymond Tsao, CEO, Covendis

Beth Miller was charged with developing two of our high level executives. Over the course of six months, her executive coaching improved the leadership and managerial skills of the executives she worked with.

These positive changes were witnessed by all members of the executive team and have helped the entire team to work collectively and more productively. I was very pleased with the results of Beth’s work and would recommend her to other organizations needing one on one executive coaching.

– Rankin Hobbs, CEO, KaMin LLC

I have known Beth for a number of years, the last year of which I’ve been a beneficiary of monthly one-on-one coaching sessions. Beth quickly came to understand both my businesses as well as my personality. She expertly weaves questions and recommendations during our sessions to help me further my strengths and address my weaknesses. I have thoroughly enjoyed and learned from her and, best of all, seen my productivity and management capability increase, and my stress level decrease (as I get better and better at focusing). I would highly recommend Beth to anyone considering (or not considering) mentoring relationships, as we can be our own worse enemies.

– Robert Frohwein, CEO. LAVA Group, Inc

Working with Beth has given me the courage and confidence to have crucial conversations and gain respect in my working relationships with others. Through her attentive listening skills and encouraging feedback she is able to coach others through difficult situations by giving them the direction to do the “right thing.

– Angela Belmont, RN Director of Cardiopulmonary Services, Faxton Healthcare

Over the past 20 years in business, I have had the opportunity to utilize the services of executive coaches for my staff as well as for myself. Approximately two years ago, I was introduced to Beth Miller and what a difference she made in my professional career. Beth creates a working relationship with her clients that is extremely professional but also one that has a personal touch. Beth cares about the well being of her clients and their families. Her executive coaching style is one that creates an open and honest interaction with her clients and she will ask the tough questions about you and your business. She will push you to excel and move you well beyond anything close to mediocre performance. Beth is a successful business owner herself so she knows what it takes to be the best.

– Walter D. Cunningham, Partner, Praxis Advisors, LLC

Beth Miller has been a great coach for me over the years. One thing she does really well is making you accountable for what you said you were going to do. Beth really works hard on making sure you are optimizing your abilities.

– Patrick Hiller, CEO Abacus Solutions

Beth has been a critical advisor and mentor to me as a business leader. Her insights and positive direction have remained an important part in my personal growth and success. I am a huge fan!

– Thomas Ventulett, President of Airo Wireless, Inc

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