Speaking Topic: Strengths Based Communications

This presentation is designed to help managers understand their strengths and how they can communicate effectively. Join Beth Miller, Talent Management Advisor and Coach at Executive Velocity as we explore the signs to look for in understanding the strengths of team members. Various communication de-railers will be discussed and the techniques a manager can use to avoid these communication traps. Ultimately, it is the manager’s role to make sure that communication is clear and understood. 

Participants will learn how to:

  1. Identify their strengths and team members strengths through Johari’s Window
  2. Learn about communication detailers that should be avoided
  3. Implementing the techniques in both group and individual communications

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If you aren’t focusing on those things you can control or influence, you aren’t effective or productive. Practice this & teach employees

Beth A Miller, CMC Beth A Miller, CMC

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