Speaking Topic: From Potential to Talent

What is one thing that makes an employee four times as likely to leave their job or create turnover that can cost an organization 20% of the departing employee’s salary? Employee engagement. It can be the difference in how profitable a company is and what kind of talent competes to work there. Companies that are successful over the long term have recognized the value of making employee engagement a priority and by doing so, they create a culture and environment where high performers not only want to work, but want to stay and grow their careers.

The landscape of the workforce is changing. As the baby boomers leave the workforce by the thousands each day, companies are faced with the challenge of building their next generation of leaders. Where will these leaders come from? The answer is likely from both the experienced workers and by cultivating the potential of promising younger employees.

This session discusses the current state that many companies find themselves in as their workforce is changing and the competition intensifies for top talent. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Keys to effective succession planning
  • Understanding the hidden costs of a workforce with low engagement
  • Strategies and tactics to become better coaches
  • Recognizing and removing barriers to success
  • How to identify and cultivate high potential talent
  • Creating a more engaged and productive workforce

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