Speaking Topic: Building Your Leadership Brand

When one thinks of an executive to emulate, there are a select few consistently held up as “CEO Heroes”, such as Jack Welch or Richard Branson. These individuals have a defined perception of being great leaders for specific reasons and have a well-defined “brand” by which they are widely known. It is a disservice for executives to compare themselves to these c-suite celebrities. Instead, talented business leaders should focus on blazing their own trail by understanding, defining and developing their unique leadership brand by which they want to be known.

This session, led by experienced leadership advisor, Beth Miller, outlines the three key components of understanding your leadership brand and questions that will help executives reflect on, and clarify, what they feel is important to defining that brand. Finally, Ms. Miller will help attendees begin to develop their personal plan to achieve their own leadership brand based on their goals and the definition they’ve developed.

What is the idea/takeaway from this presentation?

  • Evaluation of leadership values, strengths and derailers
  • Definition of the key things the attendee wants to be known for based on their goals as a leader
  • First steps to develop a plan to build a unique leadership brand based on their strengths, derailers and blind spots

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