Speaking Topic: Aligning the Stars Across the Generations

As a manager, the chances are there are members of multiple generations either within your direct reports or those you are working with via “dotted line”. When it comes to Millenials, Gen X, Traditionalists, and Baby Boomers, there are some distinct differences in values and communication that, when recognized, can create a more successful and productive working relationship. Experienced executive leadership development advisor Beth Miller will address the typical hallmarks of each generation in terms of their style of working, communication and drivers. Managers will have key takeaways to help create more productive work environments, higher functioning teams and stronger manager/employee relationships.

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Check out the webinar recording from Beth’s presentation with PPAI – Promotional Products Association International.

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Key Takeaways

  1. Hallmarks and work styles across multiple generations that exist within your team today
  2. How to communicate and manage team members across multiple generations more effectively
  3. Ways to improve how team members communicate and work with each other, bridging styles and differences


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If you aren’t focusing on those things you can control or influence, you aren’t effective or productive. Practice this & teach employees

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