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Whether you’re a chief executive, small business owner or key executive leader, Vistage International is dedicated to helping you uncover unique opportunities, maximize results and ROI, and influence others through monthly peer learning workshops, executive coaching, expert speaker presentations and an exclusive online business community. It’s called the Vistage Advantage™.


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®

The purpose of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) personality inventory is to make the theory of psychological types described by C. G. Jung understandable and useful in people’s lives. The essence of the theory is that much seemingly random variation in the behavior is actually quite orderly and consistent, being due to basic differences in the ways individuals prefer to use their perception and judgment.

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Hogan Assessments

Hogan’s four core assessments, the Hogan Personality Inventory, Hogan Development Survey, Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory, and Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory measure normal personality characteristics, career derailment risks, core value drivers, and cognitive style, respectively. This multi-dimensional approach to personality assessment provides incredible insight that can serve as a powerful tool throughout the employee lifecycle.

Leader Grader


LeaderGrade measures your influence by asking your peers and followers to rate your leadership skills. Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Compare your evaluators’ responses to your own self-assessment. Compare your scores to those of other leaders. And broadcast your LeaderGrade.

Business DNA

Business DNA

Business DNA is a proprietary human capital management solution designed to holistically and reliably discover the behavioral talents and communication styles of leaders, employees, and customers, and then leverage their natural talents and develop emotional intelligence for improving Business Performance.

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