NLRB’s New Ruling, another reason to focus on Employee Engagement

Beth Miller |

The recent ruling by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has many business owners and executives extremely concerned.  Using their unchecked powers, the NLRB is requiring all businesses, starting on November 1st, to have a mandatory posting reminding employees of their right to unionize.  This posting must also appear on any inter or intranet sites if personnel rules and policies are customarily posted there.

As a founder and entrepreneur the over reaching actions of the NLRB immediately make my blood boil.  In fact, why don’t we all send engraved invitations to union organizers!  The one big enemy of unions…happy and fully engaged employees.  I can guarantee that the employees of companies known for their strong culture and employee engagement aren’t sweating over this recent ruling because their employees have no reason to want a union.

So for any of you out there who are concerned that your employees maybe calling local union organizers after November 1st, I would start making changes now.

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Beth Miller

Beth Miller

Beth Armknecht Miller’s passion for learning, and dedication to helping others, are strands woven throughout her distinguished career, which continue to guide her work with Executive Velocity, a top talent and leadership development advisory firm. As a trusted executive consultant, Vistage Chair, and committed volunteer, Beth holds herself to a rigorous standard of excellence, and she encourages her clients to do the same when pursuing their goals.

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