Halloween Costume: Fashion, Function, or Facade

Beth Miller |

As we prepare for children to show up at our front doors yelling “trick or treat”, I can’t help but think how this tradition has permeated our society. As a child, I don’t remember my parents going to Halloween parties, it was a child’s only holiday. No longer is Halloween just for children, it is for adults as well. What is it about Halloween that makes adults want to dress up as an alter ego, super hero or politician? And more importantly, does the costume a person choose give us clues about their personality and preferences in life that may help us to understand each other better?

Or am I just being over analytical? Should I just forget about trying to figure out this change in the importance of Halloween to adults and find my next costume? Or should I be worried about the costume I choose for fear that there are others like me who will try analyze my choice of costumes?

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Beth Miller

Beth Miller

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