Tracking Employee Performance

How Valuable are Employee Self-Assessments when it Comes to Tracking Employee Performance?

Beth Miller | | Talent Management

Employee self-assessments can help in shaping performance goals, improving performance metrics, and creating a plan for career development. Whenever a manager is evaluating an employee, the more information they have, the better the outcome. Self-assessments provide valuable insight into the personality of an individual, as well as how that individual sees himself or herself. They […]

Negative and Positive Feedback

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: How to Approach Negative and Positive Feedback Effectively

Beth Miller | | Talent Management

Positive feedback and praise are easy to give. Everybody loves to hear that they’ve done something right, and managers reap benefits from reinforcing positive behavior. Unfortunately, there is no way to escape negative feedback. Nobody is perfect, and there will be times when team members must correct their behavior. Negative feedback can be difficult to […]

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