Does Your Leadership Fear Transparency?

Beth Miller | | Leadership Development

Transparency means different things to different people. Some organizations may believe they are transparent, when in fact, employees and the general public believe the opposite. No matter what an individual believes about transparency, the concept is universally rooted in trust. Unfortunately, over the last several years, many corporations assured their employees, customers, and the public […]

You’ve Got Nothing To Hide – So Don’t Act Like You Do

Beth Miller | | Leadership Development

Organizations of all sizes are encountering an increased demand for transparency from their customers, their employees, government regulators, activists, and the general public. In the wake of the Great Recession and the resulting banking scandals, there has been a national call for easy and open access to corporate information. Also, the Internet Age has made […]

Santa’s 11 Leadership Questions

Beth Miller | | Leadership Development

In the spirit of Christmas and the Holiday season, I interviewed Santa to learn more about his leadership. He shared some great questions that he often asks himself when leading his teams of elves and reindeer. Here are the ones that if answered and then acted on, can lead to happy and productive employees.

Happy handshake

What Does Business Transparency Mean?

Beth Miller | | Leadership Development

Like people, organizations are continually growing and evolving. Like people, the trajectory they’re on is as important to their core identity as any of their static features. So if you want your employees to really understand your organization and get on board, you need to be open and transparent every step of the way. In […]

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