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  • In Are You Talent Obsessed? Beth Armknecht Miller goes beyond the hype of employee engagement to discuss practical mechanisms for making it happen. She provides a structured schedule (In the military we would call it a battle rhythm) for developing talent that I found very helpful.

    It includes:
    -Daily teachable moments.
    -Weekly team learning.
    -Monthly one-on-one mentoring sessions
    -Quarterly forecast and plan I think the focus on the scheduling actions is correct.

    This is where good intentions either become realized (or not). Ms. Miller correctly identifies that unless leaders are putting in the time to develop their talent, it will just be one more thing on the "to do" list. Recommended for people who work with people.

    L. David Marquet, New York Times Best-selling Author

  • Such an inspiring and thoughtful book. Beth provides very practical and knowledgeable advice. Personally, I believe most organizations are just getting "bodies in a seat on the bus" as opposed to being scrutinizing about what talent is allowed to join their team. A must read for anyone in HR, OD, or Talent Management.

    Kevin A. Sheridan, Leading Expert on Employee Engagement and Virtual Management, New York Times Best-selling Author

  • Are You Talent Obsessed is not only an excellent treatise on the importance of talent management in nurturing competitive advantage, but a wake-up call to senior management on the critical need to prioritize their focus on the management of the human capital in their organization. There are many business tactics, well managed, that are sufficient for maintaining reasonable financial returns and long-term viability, but sustaining exceptional talent is a necessary condition for any organization to deliver long-term wealth creation for its stakeholders. This book presents a concise business case supporting this proposition as well as some best practices for managers – in the critical areas of “employee engagement,” reward systems, “design of work,” teaming, and mentoring -- that are universally applicable, foundational, and easily implemented.

    Michael S. Salvador, Ph.D., Director, Executive Education Programs Michael J. Coles College of Business Kennesaw State University

  • Beth Armknecht Miller's new book is an outstanding contribution to the ongoing talent debate. She addresses the difficult questions around talent and offers a clear road map for the reader to pursue in building an organization where finding and developing the best people reigns supreme. Too many organizations today are hiring based on generic job descriptions. This book offers a clear and better alternative for making sure you have the right team in place to be competitive now and in the future. Well done!

    Randy Hain, Founder and president of Serviam Access, well known for consulting with companies and business professionals on targeted business relationship coaching. Award-winning author of four books, including LANDED! Proven Job Search Strategies for Today’s Professional

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