weekly to do Focus on Your Top Talent for Maximum Staff Development ROI - It is common for leaders to spend most of their feedback time on under performers while neglecting their top performers. This is a huge disservice to talented employees and sends the wrong message. When this occurs, top performers ask themselves “why should I continue to outperform when I’m not valued by my manager?” Not only is it […]
desk-chair- Why You Don’t Need an HR Manager. Really. - I can hear all my HR friends out there screaming when they read this title.  As a consultant and coach to many small business owners, I have often found myself advising business owners to analyze their specific needs before adding to their headcount. And creating a human resource manager position is at the top of the […]
person w qestion marks-1567164 ‘What Did You Say?’ Is Your Employee Feedback Getting Through? - As a business owner and leader, you likely give others feedback about adjusting their performance and behavior all the time. But, is it working? Often, leaders are quick to assume that the reason that change by an employee hasn’t occurred is because of the employee. Next time you yourself rush to this conclusion, however, step back and […]
calendar-1-1236978 Banish ‘Annual’ From Your Performance Review Vocabulary - One of the goals of annual performance reviews is to look at the past and motivate employees for the future. Unfortunately, these once-a-year reviews often have the opposite result. While they may be framed as a way to encourage team members to put their best foot forward, these reviews often end up making employees feel unappreciated, […]
worker alone-1240871-1280x960 Keep Virtual Workers Engaged From the Start With These 4 Simple Onboarding Practices - Whenever you walk into a hotel lobby for the first time, chances are you make instant judgments based on the environment and the way you are greeted and treated by the staff. Similarly, how a new employee is greeted and treated by his or her new team will set the tone for that work experience. Successful […]

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