Comprehensive leadership development and team building solutions to foster a high-performing workplace community.

Comprehensive leadership development and team building solutions to foster a high-performing workplace community.

job-interview 5 Ways Entrepreneurs Screw up the Hiring Process - Entrepreneurial teams — if they’ve done their jobs well — will eventually need to start hiring a team. This period of initial expansion is full of growing pains, and there are some common pitfalls that young companies face when hiring their first employees. If your business is ready to take on new team members, here are […]
two people talking-1442853-639x852 Revamp Your Approach to Monthly One-to-One Meetings - When it comes to improving employee development and performance, enough can’t be said about the effectiveness of regular meetings. If as a manager, you’re not checking in regularly with employees to track their progress, you can’t expect members of your team to overcome roadblocks, repeat successes or grow. Monthly one-on-one meetings should be mandatory and […]
whispering-1313741 The Successful Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon — Employee Engagement - When used correctly and effectively, one critical workplace ingredient has the power to turn organizations around and can make them wildly successful: That’s right, employee passion or engagement can not only increase productivity but also increase a company’s competitive edge. High employee engagement can be a tipping point in a company’s success. I have worked […]
BethMiller_Teamwork Your Dream Depends on Teams: How Entrepreneurial Teamwork Impacts The Future of Your Company - The work that a company’s founders put into the early stages of the business will set the tone for the growth and success of the organization down the line. That’s why it is essential to focus on building a strong, cooperative team from day one. When the entrepreneurial team values teamwork, they create a culture […]
Woman and man consulting over computer Encourage Employees to Engage Them - “When you encourage others, you in the process are encouraged because you’re making a commitment and difference in that person’s life. Encouragement really does make a difference.” Zig Ziglar You can’t go a day without hearing or reading about the benefits of engaged employees. Why is there so much attention and focus on employee engagement? […]

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