Comprehensive leadership development and team building solutions to foster a high-performing workplace community.

Comprehensive leadership development and team building solutions to foster a high-performing workplace community.

the-race-1313656 What Is Your Company’s Kentucky Derby? - Each year on the first Saturday of May, thousands of spectators head to Churchill Downs to experience the greatest two minutes in sports. This is the premier event to the other two Triple Crown races. But what made it the premier event? My belief is that it’s all about the traditions that have defined this most […]
sherpa-1536617 How an Atlanta Company Used ‘Sherpas’ to Facilitate Onboarding - Every year, thousands of companies apply for awards that recognize great workplaces. And the companies that typically top the winners’ lists have three things in common: They value their human capital, they benefit from a highly engaged workforce and they have the ability to attract and retain top talent. In the end they also often enjoy greater success than their competitors. […]
annoyed face-1236681-1279x798 Managing the Unmanageable: The 6 Most Common Types of Difficult Employees - As an entrepreneur, you may have thought you escaped from difficult people in the workplace, i.e., coworkers, by striking out on your own. But these folks have a way of showing up everywhere — even at the workplace you’ve created. As you likely already know, difficult people can negatively impact team performance and morale. Now that […]
job-interview 5 Ways Entrepreneurs Screw up the Hiring Process - Entrepreneurial teams — if they’ve done their jobs well — will eventually need to start hiring a team. This period of initial expansion is full of growing pains, and there are some common pitfalls that young companies face when hiring their first employees. If your business is ready to take on new team members, here are […]
two people talking-1442853-639x852 Revamp Your Approach to Monthly One-to-One Meetings - When it comes to improving employee development and performance, enough can’t be said about the effectiveness of regular meetings. If as a manager, you’re not checking in regularly with employees to track their progress, you can’t expect members of your team to overcome roadblocks, repeat successes or grow. Monthly one-on-one meetings should be mandatory and […]

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